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Exploration, Practice, and Fun is a collection of ideas sourced from a variety of styles (with varying degrees of effectiveness) and inspiration. Each piece is rapidly developed, with a production time from start to finish of under 2 hours, with some clocking in under an hour.

These are sort of my equivalent of 'dailies' even though I don't release one every day, nor are they the product of a full day's work - but they are fun to make nevertheless!

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Original soundtrack created for Fragile Equilibrium, an action game now out on Xbox One, Steam,, and the Windows store.

Learn more about Fragile Equilibrium here.

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Original soundtrack created for A Story of Two Wolves, Ian Schreiber and his daughter's ROC Game Dev's "GROWTH" Game Jam (7/28 - 7/29, 2018) game. The request was something sort of akin to Okami as well as something possibly evocative of a Studio Ghibli film.

Composed and produced in just shy of 6 hours that Saturday night.

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Soundtrack composed for Aidan Markham's Ludum Dare 41 entry, GASHAVROOM. Sort of acts as my take on some classic Mario Kart 64 tunes/themes without being quite able to describe them as covers.

Composed and produced over the course of the Ludum Dare 41 weekend.

You can find the game here on Aidan's!

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Original soundtrack composed for Aurum Kings, a couch-competitive king-of-the-hill game. I'm a big fan of music reminiscent of medieval Europe times, and thus this pulls from many celtic, and Scandinavian themes that might be attributed to that era, while still feeling a bit whimsical and fun!

Composed and produced mostly during the Fall of 2017 over the course of a week or so.

You can find Aurum Kings' Steam page here!

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SKINGSONGS is a collection of songs from the SKINGAMES series created by Aidan Markham and myself - these are all produced strictly under an hour (starting off originally as One Hour Game Jam games) with very little prep beforehand, and thus can seem quite rough or otherwise chaotic... in sometimes the best possible ways!

You can find the games here on Aidan's!

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This is the main theme for Crazy Platez: Rochester, New York's hot plate delivery game (and first place winner of NYS Game Dev Challenge 2018)! Aimed to go hand in hand with the game's retro-nostalgic aesthetic.

Composed and produced over the course of a few weeks in late Winter 2018.

You can find out more about Crazy Platez here!

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Original soundtrack for Aidan Markhams Ludum Dare 40 game, Astray. For this particular soundtrack, I pulled some inspiration from Minecraft's soundtrack to help craft a sort of mysterious, yet tranquil vibe.

Composed and produced on the last day of the Ludum Dare 40 weekend.

You can find the game on Aidan's!

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Quick little soundtrack composed for a group game project over the course of a few weeks in the Spring of 2018. Wanted a sort of cutesie whimsical casual theme for this couch competitive game where you try to pop your friends in jet-powered mounted-spike hot air balloons.

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